Red Alert Alliance
Tiberian Coalition
Generals Elite
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Tiberian Coalition Upgrades
Researched From Power Plant
Advanced Power Plant: Doubles the generating capacity of all power plants. Cost 2000

Researched From Barracks:
Shotgun: Minigunners gain a shotgun barrel which deals more damage than the standard-issue rifle but has a shorter range. Cost 600

Researched From Airstrip
Passenger Seat: Allows Nod Buggies to carry one passenger that can shoot out. Cost 800

Researched from Helipad
Aero Turbines: Increases speed and maneuverability for Harpy, ORCA Bomber, and Carryall by 25%. Cost 1500

Researched from Tech Center:
Mech Armor: Increases armor for mech units by 10% per leg. Cost 2000
Rangefinders: Allows most shell- and missile-based weapons to have reliable accuracy at longer ranges, increasing the effective range of such weapons by 20%. Cost 2000
Compact Bombs: ORCA Bombers carry 1 additional bomb. Cost 1500
Plate Armor: Light Vehicle armor increased by 20%. Cost 1500
Automatics: Increased damage for bullet based weapons. Cost 2000

Researched from Comm Center, Requires Tech Center:
Advanced Comm Center: Provides uplink to Ion Cannon Satellite. Consumes 10 units of power. Cost 5000
Sensor Sweep: Allows Mobile Sensor Arrays to scan an area for enemy forces. Cost 1000

Researched from Weed Refinery:
Tiberium Shells: Titan shells carry a small amount of Tiberium toxin.

Researched from Component Tower:
Vulcan Cannon: Adds the Vulcan Cannon attachment to a Component Tower. Mostly effective against infantry and light vehicles. Does not require power. Cost 300
SAM Battery: Adds the SAM Battery attachment to a Component Tower. Effective anti-air defense. Cost 400
RPG Launcher: Adds the RPG Launcher attachment to a Component Tower. Mostly effective against vehicles. Cost 600

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