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The Generals Elite is the group formed as a result of the alliance between the United States, China, and the Global Liberation Army. Deploying weapons such as Tomahawks, Overlords, and Quad Cannons, the Generals Elite are not a group to be taken lightly. Their units soak up or avoid a lot of damage, and stay on the battlefield for a long time, especially when upgraded. Their use of the dozer-based build system also allows them to expand across the battlefield easily. A Generals Elite player has the option to choose between three different subarmies, each with their own unique unit, upgrade and 3-Star General's Power: the United States of America, the People's Republic of China, and the Global Liberation Army.
Generals Elite Subarmies
Subarmy-specific units & structures
Paladin: Similar to Generals, but does not require a General's Point.
Comanche: Similar to Generals, but without the Rocket Pods upgrade.
Countermeasures: Similar to ZH, but protection against bullet-based AA removed and cost increased to 1500.
Fuel-Air Bomb: Same as from Generals.
Listening Outpost: Same as from Zero Hour.
Helix: Same as from Zero Hour.
Uranium Shells: Same as from Generals.
EMP Pulse: Same as from ZH.
Rocket Buggy: Same as from Generals.
Bomb Truck: Same as from Generals.
AP Rockets: Same as from Generals.
Sneak Attack: Same as from ZH.

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