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CnC All Stars - Videos

All Stars Intro Video:
This is the intro video included with the v1.0 release of CnC All Stars.
Download (Quicktime -- 55MB)

All Stars February 2007 Trailer:
This trailer has shots from units or superweapons from all three sides in the mod, including the Particle Cannon and Nuclear Missile. It is the second video released for CnC All Stars.
High Quality (Quicktime -- 35MB) | Medium Quality (streaming -- 6MB) | Low Quality (Quicktime -- 3MB)

All Stars November 2006 Trailer:
This trailer mostly features the Red Alert Alliance, an army made of units from all the Red Alert games. In this trailer, you can specifically see Conscripts, Grenadiers, Grizzlies, the Grizzly Chronoshift Generals Power, Apocalypse Tanks, Tesla Tanks, Longbows, Nukes, and more, including many Tiberian Coalition units (often on the receiving end of some heavy Red Alert Alliance punishment).
High Quality (Quicktime -- 54MB) | Medium Quality (streaming -- 14MB) | Low Quality (Quicktime -- 6MB)

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