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All Stars Frequently Asked Questions
Alright, I kinda get it. You're making the sides based on the three different parts of the C&C series: the Tiberian, Red Alert, and Generals games. But why?
To make it fun. No, really. That's the entire purpose of All Stars. The team thought it would be cool if we could bring back the best of Command and Conquer and create three unique, balanced, and powerful sides from the games. We've tested this mod extensively, playing hundreds of games, and it works very well. As an added benefit, if it encourages some of the newer players to discover some of the older (and arguably greater) C&Cs, that's fine by us.

But I like GDI, not the evil-doers of Nod! How could you ever put them together on the same side!?
Because it's fun (see above). We thought about this and we went a step further with the mod. We understand that people naturally have an allegiance to a certain faction in addition to certain games, so we've included what we call "subarmies" or "subfactions" that basically add even more stuff to each side. Choose a subarmy from your Construction Yard or Command Center (for the Tiberian Coalition and Red Alert Alliance, you'll need to switch the view of the Conyard to Generals' Powers / Subarmy view by clicking on the Change View button) and you'll be granted access to two new units, one new 3 star Generals' power, one new upgrade, and two units that are trained as veterans. Quite a haul. For example, the GDI fanboy asking this question would get access to the Juggernaut, Disruptor, A10 airstrikes, and an upgrade called Resonance Fields, which makes heavy weapons (like those of the Mammoth MKII) more effective. Remember to switch the view of your Conyard to get access to the subarmies. For more on what benefits subarmies bring, see the related page on our website.

How does this whole Conyard build system thing actually work?
Quite simply, actually. If you play as the Tiberian Coalition or Red Alert Alliance, your Construction Yard allows you to place buildings anywhere within your building radius (denoted by blinking dots visible only to you and your allies). Click on your Conyard, then click on the structure you want to build, then click on where you want to place it. If you place it in a valid spot, after a few seconds, the structure buildup animation will begin. These animations were created to mimic the feel of old C&C base construction. If you place it in an invalid location, the animation won't begin and you'll be refunded your money. For the initial part of building Construction, you'll be unable to build anything else, but after a few seconds, your Conyard will be free again. While this isn't completely faithful to past C&Cs, it's necessary to keep the Conyard system balanced with the Dozer construction system. Point of pride note: we are the first mod to get the Conyard system fully implemented in this regard and working with the AI.

What's all this "Idle Building Detected" monkey business?
Ah, you see, the Generals engine isn't meant to support a Conyard based build system. Luckily for you, some smart people on our team, namely CommieDog and DetoNato, manipulated the INI code in very shrewd ways to create a near-perfect rendition of the Conyard system. However, those scoring at home will note that "near-perfect" is not, in fact, perfect. Some quirks remain. Among these is the fact that some buildings are built at an "Idle" stage. You must activate these buildings, and the mod will remind you to do so. These are the Tiberian Coalition Refinery and the Red Alert Alliance Nuclear Missile Silo and Slave Miner. You only need to activate each one once and you do so by clicking on the building and then clicking the Activate button that appears on the command bar.

Speaking of the Refinery, you guys made a mistake! The Harvester should be built at the Airstrip, not the Refinery! Gotcha!
We know. However, the Harvester is built at the Refinery in All Stars because the Airstrip's command bar is already full with vehicles once you factor in GDI's subarmies (two additional vehicles). Therefore, we moved the Harvester to the Refinery.

What about the AI? Isn't that what you guys have been supposedly slaving away on, delaying the release?
Yes, the AI was a huge part of the mod effort towards the end of the development cycle. We wanted nothing less than a challenging AI, and the three Hard AIs we've created are all challenging. Each side's Hard AI has a slightly different personality, but each is challenging and difficult and will make you work for your wins. If you've got comments on the AI, feel free to post them in the mod's forums. We'd love to hear them.

If this AI is so good, it must cheat, right?
Yes, slightly. All AI's cheat, however, and ours cheats less than most. It gets a bit of extra money and a bit of advantages in building construction, but all in all, it cheats less than the AI that came with Zero Hour. It wins through the shrewd mixing of units and thoughtful base construction (hm, well, maybe not "thoughtful"), not the sheer overpowering bland force of a cheating AI. If the Hard one is too hard, try the Medium or Easy versions. They are significantly easier, for those of you who wanted a slower paced game.

Does All Stars work with C&C: The First Decade?
Yes, it does, at least in singleplayer. Because of the way The First Decade was created, though, you won't be able to play it online against those with the Zero Hour standalone version of the game.

This mod is kinda neat (or kinda not)! Who gets the credit (or the blame)?
All Stars has had more than 25 people involved in it at some point during the mod's life, working in capacities from video editor to designers to modelers to coders to webmasters. The project leader and the lead designer of both the mod and the AI was Blbpaws, but it truly was a team effort. The mod could not have been made without the critical support of CommieDog (coding), aConcernedCitizen, Jaymioz, Nick "Luckie" Allain, Tsumetai, and Warnwar (all art), and the rest of an excellent team which provided insightful feedback and ideas. We're also grateful to the fans who pushed us to work harder and more, and ultimately made us keep making the mod better. Even though it took a long time, it's finally done and we hope you enjoy it. We certainly enjoyed making it.

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