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The Tiberian Coalition is the result of the alliance of GDI, Nod and the Forgotten. Using weapons as varied as the Mammoth MK II, Stealth Tanks, and Reapers, the Tiberian Coalition is a powerful choice in this war. Bringing units and structures from Tiberian Dawn, Tiberian Sun and Firestorm, and Renegade together, the Tiberian Coalition is a well-rounded side that relies on a mix of brute force and deception to succeed. A Tiberian Coalition general has the choice of three subarmies: GDI, Nod, or the Forgotten, each with their two unique units, upgrade, and 3-Star General's Power.
Tiberian Coalition Subarmies
Subarmy-specific units & structures
Disruptor: The Disruptor's sonic beam can easily cut through large groups of enemies. Especially effective against buildings. Cost 1200
Juggernaut: A long range artillery unit that fires three shells a great distance. Because of its inaccuracy, it's best for targeting groups of units.
Resonance Fields: Increases the damage done by energy weapons by 25%.
A-10 Sortie: Dispatches 3 A-10s to attack a target location with napalm bombs.
Mobile Repair Vehicle: Nothing is better for repairing vehicles on the field than the Mobile Repair Vehicle. Automatically heals any nearby unit. Cost 900
Chem Warrior The Chem Warrior is an excellent anti-infantry unit. Armed with a gun shooting pure toxin, he is capable of taking out large groups of enemy personnel. Cost 300
Kane's Shadow: Allows all Nod vehicles (except the Stealth Tank, for obvious reasons) to cloak when remaining still and not attacking.
Tiberium Missile: Fires a Tiberium-tipped missile at a target. The initial explosion is weak, but the Tiberium gas released is deadly and corrodes armor.
Reaper: The Reaper is a powerful support unit that can fire a volley of missiles at vehicles and aircraft or use a net to stun infantry. Cost 1100
Tiberium Fiend: Two Tiberium Fiends spawn (for free) every two minutes at each Waste Facility built by a Mutant Player. These units are fast and lightly armored, but excellent against infantry and light vehicles.
Tiberium Heal: Grants all infantry the ability to auto-heal.
Meteor Shower: Bombards a location with meteorites from outer space.

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