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The Red Alert Alliance is the result of a union between the Allies, the Soviets, and the psychic Yuri. Boasting units such as Longbows, Apocalypse Tanks, Shock Troopers, Tanya, and the Kirov, the Red Alert Army is a force to be reckoned with. Taking command of the Army opens a myriad of tactics, including powerful air attacks, impressive unit upgrades, and overwhelming ground forces. Once selected, a Red Alert Alliance commander has the choice of three subarmies, each with their own unique unit, upgrade, and 3-Star General's Power: the Allies, the Soviets, and Yuri.
Red Alert Alliance Subarmies
Subarmy-specific units & structures
Battle Fortress: This massive unit can carry up to 5 infantry through the thick of battle. Though its gun is weak, the Battle Fortess allows its passengers to attack from its fireports and can crush almost any vehicle.
Cost 2000
Rocketeer: The famous Red Alert 2 unit, the Rocketeer is a flying infantryman armed with a gun. Capable of destroying all types of units, Rocketeers are especially deadly in packs.
Cost 600
Targeting Sensors: By detecting weak points in targets, this upgrade increases the power of Allied munitions by 10%.
Cost 2000
Mechanic Repair: Repairs all vehicles within the area of effect (like Emergency Repair).
Tesla Tank (RA Version): Originally designed as a heavy anti-infantry unit, the Tesla Tank can modulate its electrical discharges to disrupt the circuitry of enemy vehicles, rendering them helpless.
Cost 1200
Shock Trooper: Armed with a portable Tesla Coil, the Shock Trooper does damage to both infantry and vehicles. They can be placed in IFVs to gain Tesla IFVs.
Cost 500
Camaraderie: This upgrade boosts infantry morale, increasing both their rate of fire and damage by 20%.
Cost 1500
Atom Bomb: Although smaller and more primitive than other nukes deployed on the battlefield, the Atom Bomb's simpler design allows it to be prepared more quickly than its counterparts.
Floating Disk: Yuri's air force may seem comical, but it is deadly nevertheless. The Floating Disk comes equipped with heavy armor, a laser weapon, and a siphon that can be used to disable enemy buildings or steal cash.
Cost 1750
Virus: A long range sniper, the Virus shoots poison darts that create toxic clouds that can also kill surrounding infantry.
Cost 800
Psychic Shielding: Increases the punishment that Yuri vehicles and aircraft can take by 25%.
Cost 1500
Psychic Dominator: Converts the enemy unit of your choice to your side.

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