Red Alert Alliance
Tiberian Coalition
Generals Elite
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Structures Units Upgrades Generals Powers
Tiberian Coalition Structures
No Prerequisites:
Construction Yard (TS Version): Builds MCV and deploys General's Powers. Cost 2000
Power Plant (TD Version): Provides 4 power units. Cost 1000
Hand of Nod (TD Version): Trains and heals Infantry. Cost 500

Requires Power Plant:
Tiberium Refinery (TS Version): Works with Harvesters to collect and store resources. Cost 2000. Comes with a free Harvester
Comm Center: The Comm Center provides radar and can be upgraded to link with the Ion Cannon Satellite. Cost 750
Component Tower: Modular platform for basic base defenses. While useless by itself, the Component Tower can upgrade to hold a selection of turrets to help defend a location from various threats. Cost 200

Requires Tiberium Refinery:
Airstrip: Flies in vehicles. Cost 2000

Requires Comm Center:
Helipad (TD Version): Builds aircraft. Cost 400

Requires Airstrip:
Repair Bay: Repairs vehicles. Cost 1000

Tech Center (GDI Version): Equivalent of a Propaganda Center. Used for upgrades. Cost 2000

Requires Tech Center:
Obelisk (TD Version): Possibly the Best CnC defense ever. Kills infantry in 1 shot (except for heroes). Cost 1500
Weed Refinery: Provides money like black market ($25 every 2.5 seconds). Cost 2500

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