Red Alert Alliance
Tiberian Coalition
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Tiberian Coalition Units
No Prerequisites:
Minigunner: A basic solider, the Minigunner is simply good to have around. Equivalent of a Red Guard or Conscript. Cost 100
Bazooka: Useful against tanks and aircraft, the Bazooka is one step up from a Minigunner. Not effective against infantry. Cost 300
Flamethrower: Rather self-explanatory, the Flamethrower is very good against infantry and lightly armored vehicles. Cost 300
Engineer: The Engineer is helpless in any combat situation, but he can turn the tide of battle if used correctly. His ability to capture buildings both by entering and seizing them and by the conventional flag-capture method can make him a serious threat. Cost 500

Requires Comm Center (or Advanced Comm Center):
Jumpjet Infantry: Hovering above the battlefield, the Jumpjet Infantry is safe from most anti-infantry weapons. His heavy cannon is effective in dealing with small groups of infantry or light vehicles. However, anti-aircraft fire will tear him to pieces. Cost 500

Requires Tech Center
Cyborg Commando The legendary Nod commando, he is armed with a plasma gun which is extremely effective against infantry, vehicles, and structures alike. Cost 2000

No Prerequisites:
Nod Buggy: The basic anti-infantry vehicle from Nod. Effective against infantry, it is cheap and fast. It can also hold a soldier which can fire from it. Cost 500
APC: Moderately armored, the APC can carry 5 infantry units. Extremely fast and armed with a light gun comparable to the Humvee. Cost 750
Titan: The basic mech tank. Medium Armor, medium damage, medium speed. Effective in groups. Cost 800
Harvester: Similar to the Supply Truck, the Harvester can carry $700 worth of supplies. Heavily armored but somewhat slow. Cost 1400
MCV: The MCV can be deployed into a Conyard. Cost 2500

Requires Comm Center (or Advanced Comm Center):
Hover MRLS: Can traverse both land and water. Fires 2 homing rockets a fairly long distance. Able to target aircraft. Cost 900
Mobile Sensor Array: Scans a wide radius for enemy activity, including stealth. Supports Sensor Sweep General's Power. Cost 800
Artillery: Fires explosive shells over vast distances. An effective siege unit. Cost 600

Requires Tech Center:
Flame Tank: Self-explanatory, the Flame Tank shoots a squirt of flame at its target. Effective against infanry and light vehicles. Cost 900
Stealth Tank: The Stealth Tank is the perfect ambush weapon. By remaining out of the enemy's sight when not attacking, it can go anywhere without arousing suspicion. Cost 1200
Mammoth Mk II: Immense, slow, and powerful. Not effective against dispersed groups of infantry or aircraft. Slow reload time. Only 1 may be deployed at a time. Cost 3000. Requires General's Point
No Prerequisites:
Harpy: Armed with a powerful mounted machine gun, it is effective against infantry and lightly armored vehicles. Cannot match the Comanche against tanks. Cost 1000
Carryall: Transports a vehicle to another location quickly. Cost 750

Requires Tech Center:
Orca Bomber: The Orca Bomber drops 3 very powerful bombs on its targets. Slow, but has good armor. Cost 1600

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