Red Alert Alliance
Tiberian Coalition
Generals Elite
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Red Alert Alliance Upgrades
Researched from Barracks:
Frag Ordnance: Grenadier and Flak Trooper blast radius increased 25%. Grenades can clear buildings. Cost 800

Researched from War Factory
Synthetic Fuel: Increases vehicles' speed and Acceleration by 25%. Cost 1500
Concussion Blast: Apocalypse Tank, Grizzly Tank, and Longbow all create secondary explosions. Cost: 2000

Researched from Air Force Command:
Bulletproof Armor: Aircraft absorb 25% less damage from bullets. Cost 1500

Researched from Battle Lab:
Auto-Loaders: Longbows fire 10% faster. Cost 1200
Amphetamines: Infantry move 20% faster. Cost 1000
Radar Ping: Reveals the location of enemy aircraft and airfields. Cost 1000

Researched from Nuclear Missile Silo:
V3 Nuke: V3 Rockets carry a mininuke warhead with increased damage and blast radius. Cost 1500

Researched from the Kirov
Pop Gun: Grants a Pop Gun to this Kirov. Cost 300

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