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Red Alert Alliance Units
No Prerequisites:
Conscript: The basic infantry of this army, the Conscript carries a weak machine gun. Cost 100
Grenadier: A basic solider armed with a grenade launcher. Effective against heavy armor and groups of infantry. Cost 300
Flak Trooper: The Flak Trooper carries a portible flak cannon. With it, he can clear the air of enemy jets and choppers. Also fairly effecive against infantry. Cost 300
Engineer: The Engineer is helpless in any combat situation, but he can turn the tide of battle if used correctly. His ability to capture buildings both by entering and siezing them and by the conventional flag-capture method can make him a serious threat. Cost 500

Requires Battle Lab:
Spy: Behaves almost exactly like the GLA Saboteur. Resets superweapons, shuts down buildings, etc. Cost 1000.
Tanya: Can kill all infantry in one shot but ineffective against aircraft and vehicles. Tanya carries demo charges similar to Burton�s, but can be placed more quickly. Cost 1500. Note: cannot swim unlike RA2

Spawned by Slave Miner:
Slave: Collects supplies and deposits them at the parent Slave Miner. Carries $50 at a time.
No Prerequisites:
Grizzly Tank: An extremely effective tank in groups the Grizzly is a good balance between speed and power. Cost 700
Gattling Tank: The counterpart to the Quad Cannon, the Gattling Tank is good against infantry and light armor. Cost 600
Minelayer: Seeds ground with both anti-infantry and anti-tank mines. Detects stealth. Cost 900, additional cost for mines
Amphibious APC: The Amphibious APC is capable of carrying 12 infantry or 4 vehicles over almost any terrain. Cost 900
MCV: The MCV can be deployed into a Conyard. Cost 2500

Requires Air Force Command:
V3 Launcher: Effective from long range, the V3 is useful against slow-moving vehicles and structures. Lightly armored and slow. Cost 900

Requires Battle Lab:
Apocalypse Tank: The Apocalypse brings immense firepower to the table. Slow and weak against rocket troops, it is still a force to be reckoned with. Cost 1700
Prism Tank: The Prism Tank's long range makes it a deadly threat to any infantry or base defense on the battlefield. Cost 1200. Requires General's Point
No Prerequisites:
Harrier: A VTOL aircraft armed with twin missiles. Very effective air-to-air and against tanks. Cost 1200
Apache Longbow: The Longbow has powerful rockets that can be used against land units only. Effective mostly against armor. Reloads in the field. Cost 1100

Requires Battle Lab:
Kirov: A huge, slow blimp. The Kirov shatters its targets with bombs. Heavily armored but extremely slow. Cost 2000

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