Red Alert Alliance
Tiberian Coalition
Generals Elite
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Structures Units Upgrades Generals Powers
Red Alert Alliance Structures
No prerequisites:
Construction Yard (RA Version): Builds MCV and deploys General's Powers. Cost 2000
Tesla Reactor: The basic power plant. Provides 5 units of power. Cost 600
Barracks (RA Version): Trains Infantry. Cost 500

Requires Tesla Reactor:
Slave Miner: Deploys slaves to collect supplies. Cost 1750
AA Gun: Exclusive anti-aircraft defense. Cost 900
Flame Tower: Good Anti-infantry defense, also effective against light vehicles. Fires two balls of flame. Cost 800.

Requires Slave Miner:
War Factory (RA2 Soviet Version): Builds vehicles. Cost 2000
Air Force Command: Provides radar. Builds Aircraft. Holds 4 Harriers on pad. Cost 1000

Requires War Factory:
Service Depot:Repairs vehicles. Cost 1000

Battle Lab (RA2 Yuri Version): Equivlent of a Propaganda Center. Does not grant Force Shield. Cost 2000

Requires Air Force Command:
Tesla Coil (RA2 Version): Good all around (except air) defense. Cost 1200

Requires Battle Lab:
Supply Purifier: Taking supplies already collected, and purifying them again and again, the Supply Purifier gives $50 every 5 seconds. Cost 2500
Nuclear Reactor: Dangerous but effective, the Nuclear Reactor provides 50 power. Creates a huge explosion when destroyed. Cost 1200
Nuclear Missile Silo: A nuclear missile launcher. Cost 5000

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