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CnC: All Stars - Release Notes and Change Log

The release notes and change log for the latest version of All Stars follows.
* Version 1.2 Release Notes                                 December 31, 2007 *

- Numerous small AI improvements and bug fixes
- Fixed international support for Polish editions of Zero Hour

- Hover MRLS rubble model corrected
- Flak Trooper Air Force Command Center prerequisite added
- Flak Trooper weapon firing effects added
- Tanya C4 weapon damage increased from 3125 to 6250
- Rocketeer now correctly targetable by all anti-aircraft weapons
- IFV Flak Trooper weapon firing effects added
- V3 Launcher weapon damage type changed from EXPLOSION to AURORA_BOMB (damage 
  against structures doubled)
- V3 Launcher weapon missile health increased from 200 to 225
- V3 Launcher upgraded weapon missile speed increased from 60 to 70
- Harrier rubble model corrected

* Version 1.1 Release Notes                                   October 8, 2007 *

- New map added: Free For All Stars (5 players)
- Improved Tiberian Coalition and Red Alert Alliance AI
- Amphibious units now able to travel in and out of water on most official maps
- Tech Buildings now auto-repair
- Bug fixed: trees are now cleared in the area of new building sites
- Added support for international editions of Zero Hour: 
  German, French, Spanish, Polish, and Korean

- Harvester hotkey changed from 'H' to 'V'
- Artillery now affected by Tiberium Shells upgrade
- Artillery damage increased from 120/40 to 150/50
- Juggernaut now affected by Tiberium Shells upgrade
- Mammoth Mk. II health increased from 2000 to 2500
- Harpy hotkey changed from 'H' to 'A'
- Harpy weapon damage against ground targets decreased from 65 to 50
- Harpy weapon damage against air targets decreased from 45 to 35
- Harpy weapon clip reload time slowed from 2 seconds to 3 seconds
- Rocketeer weapon damage against ground targets decreased from 50 to 45
- Minelayer graphical glitch potentially fixed
- Shock Trooper weapon damage increased from 20 to 30
- Grizzly collision box resized to match model
- Grizzly health increased from 400 to 425
- IFV default weapon damage against ground targets increased from 20 to 25
- IFV Shock Trooper weapon damage increased from 12.5 to 20
- IFV undamaged speed increased from 60 to 68
- Gattling Tank hotkey changed from 'G' to 'T'
- Gattling Tank undamaged model bones added
- Gattling Tank weapon damage against ground targets increased from 12 to 16
- Gattling Tank weapon damage against air targets increased from 10 to 12
- V3 Launcher upgraded weapon detonation effects added
- Apocalypse collision box resized to match model
- Apocalypse cost increased from 1700 to 1750
- Apocalypse health increased from 1000 to 1200
- Apocalypse can no longer crush smaller vehicles
- Apocalypse is now crushable by Mammoth Mk. II, Overlord, and Battle Fortress
- Prism Tank hotkey changed from 'P' to 'R'
- Battle Fortress rubble model skin fixed
- Tesla Tank hotkey changed from 'T' to 'S'
- Tesla Tank rubble model added
- Tesla Tank weapon mode button cameos fixed
- Tesla Tank weapon damage increased from 100 to 150
- Tesla Tank high-current hotkey changed from 'H' to 'I'
- Harrier model updated
- Harrier hotkey changed from 'H' to 'A'
- Kirov collision box resized to match model
- Kirov Pop Gun upgrade now puchaseable when multiple Kirovs are selected
- Kirov turn speed increased from 35 to 100
- Floating Disk health increased from 600 to 650
- Floating Disk weapon damage increased from 60 to 70
- Slave Miner Slave depositing time decreased from 0.25 seconds to 0.2 seconds
- Bomb Truck Disguise ability description added

- Communications Center superweapon build limit enforced
- AA Gun health increased from 1000 to 1200
- AA Gun weapon damage increased from 15 to 16
- AA Gun weapon range increased from 300 to 325
- Airstrip model dimensions reduced by 10% each
- Helipad hotkey changed from 'H' to 'E'
- Hunter Seeker Drone hotkey changed from 'H' to 'U'

- Iron Curtain General's Power description added
- Iron Curtain now kills infantry
- Iron Curtain no longer affects Rocketeer

The Known Issues list included below was updated with version 1.1 of this mod.

* Version 1.0 Release Notes                                     July 17, 2007 *
 * Mod Premise
 All Stars aims to settle the debates that Command and Conquer fans have been 
 having for over a decade: What unit is the best? Which storylines are best? 
 Who would win, Apocalypse, Overlord, or Mammoth MKII? Is Tesla technology 
 better than Tiberium weapons? Can the Generals build system stack up against 
 the classic C&C style?

 When the best of the best are thrown into an all out war - when the All Stars 
 battle - what will happen?

 In CnC All Stars, each faction is a series from the C&C universe. The armies 
 of the Global Defense Initiative, the zealots of the Brotherhood of Nod and 
 members of The Forgotten form the Tiberian Coalition. The might of the Soviet 
 Red Army, the wit of the Allies, and the psychic powers of Yuri form the Red 
 Alert Alliance. The high-tech power of the United States, the brute numbers 
 and force of the People's Republic of China and the terrorist tactics of the 
 Global Liberation Army form the Generals Elite.

 What better way to experience the evolution of the series that defined a 
 genre than to bring out its best of the best. 
 The All Stars are ready. Are you? 

 * Known Issues
 -- Playing All Stars online is not supported with The First Decade 
    compilation pack. Due to an oversight by The First Decade's developers, 
    there are incompatibilities between The First Decade (TFD) version of 
    Zero Hour and the non-TFD version of Zero Hour for mods.
 -- Engineers cannot enter unowned neutral structures owned or structures that 
    have already been previously captured with an Engineer. They must instead 
    use the Flag Capture action in such scenarios.
 -- Some players may experience issues with the Hunter Seeker Drone
 -- Music fails to play on the credits screen
 -- Prism beams may sometimes curve to hit their targets
 -- Limpet drones can be attached to buildings
 -- If you move your units near an ally's build radius, you may receive errant
    "Unit under attack" messages.
 -- After being built from the barracks, Rocketeers all rally at the exact 
    same location until selected and ordered to move.
 -- Harriers occasionally land on the Airfield too slowly
 -- The Iron Curtain effect does not make your units completely invincible
 -- The AI is optimized for play with 10000 starting credits. While you may 
    freely change the amount of starting credits, to get the full effect of 
    the AI (and thus the most challenging battle), we recommend leaving the 
    money settings set to the default value.

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